Sorceress Igniter Raid Build Guide for Lost Ark on (2023)

Sorceress Igniter Raid Build Guide for Lost Ark on (1)


The Sorceress is one of the first two mage classes available in Lost Ark. She specializes in dealing long-range magic damage, primarily through fire, lightning, and ice elements. At level 50 she has access to thedetonatorEngraving that greatly improves her powerArcane Fracturebuff whenever youidentity displayis at 100%.

In contrast to therefluxbuild raid,detonatorBuilds are designed to deal maximum burst damage in a small window, with moments in between building on that. She has very little mobility and needs to be very careful with her positioning before deciding on a cast. This is thedetonatorSorceress Build features a player who is already very familiar with boss patterns. Knowing the damage windows allows them to reliably position themselves and commit to long throws. Over time,detonatorSorceress' playstyle changes with access to additional systems in T2 and beyond, allowing her to build her identity gauge in fewer cycles and double-use her strongest abilities.apocalypse, within a cycle ofArcane Fracture. while inArcane FractureCondition,detonatorSorceress have unprecedented damage provided all of their abilities combine and score a critical hit. It is ideal for players who want to see the biggest numbers in the game.


All Out Attack

Visit theguard raidsAndAbyss DungeonsGuides to introduce their content.

These instructions assume thatYou have a character at level 50 before switching to him. Visit theSorceress LevelingAnd1-50 levelingGuides to reach level 50.

Ranged ✔
No position information ✔
High burst damage ✔
High weak point damage ✔

❌Low mobility
❌Long throw times
❌Low push immunity


  • Flamesis your most important ability to apply synergy. It has a very fast effect, so if you forget to apply your synergy after castingapocalypseand usedArcane Fracture, you can still install this skill before the meteor lands.
  • Frosts Rufgenerates a lot of identity gauge and deals decent damage. It has a long range and a small area of ​​effect.
  • esoteric reactiongenerates a decent amount of identity meter, deals decent damage, and comes out with a bit of a delay.
  • apocalypseis the most powerful attack. It has a long channel time and a delay even after its channel before landing, making it difficult to land. Because of its cooldown, this is the skill you'll always want to get cut offArcane Fracture. After wateringapocalypse, there is a very short animation of the sorceress stepping forward that can be canceled with either spacebar,Rime Arrow, orPunishing Blow.
  • Rime Arrowgenerates a lot of identity meter and deals pretty good damage at a distance. It can then be cast as an animation breakExplosion,apocalypse, AndPunishing Blow.
  • Explosionis the second hardest attack. It has a long channel and long travel time before detonating, with the smallest area of ​​effect of the three major skills. After casting, there is a recoil animation that can be canceled with eitherspacebar,Rime Arroworapocalypse.
  • Punishing Blowis the third hardest attack. It has a long channeling time like the other skills, but drops off immediately once the channeling is complete. After casting, there is a very brief animation of the Sorceress stepping forward, which can be canceled with either of the two spacebars.Rime Arroworapocalypse.
  • Bois your most importantSwitchCapability.


  • Blitzwirbelis an alternative toFlamesto use synergies. It's a slow cast and deals less damage but has more range.
  • Infernocan be plugged in when you don't need itBo. It's great for Part Break when it comes to destroying armor from bosses that have it. It also has a pretty good generation of identity gauges. It's pretty good to switch to if you know the encounter doesn't have a counterpattern.
  • Seraphic Hallis a damaging alternate ability foresoteric reactionthis does less damage but is better overall for regaining identity display. However, the ability comes from the player, so the range isn't great compared to the other abilities that are cast where the cursor is.

Gameplay & Skill-Rotation

  • Always try to keep your synergy buff on the boss with youFlameswhenever it is available. The sustained burning on the ground causes the debuff to last for 10-11 seconds before needing to be reapplied.
  • Build identity display with your normal rotation. In particular,Frosts Ruf,Rime Arrow, Andesoteric reactionshould give you the largest pieces of the gauge. If your Identity Gauge is very low or currently empty, you can use your greatest damage abilities outside ofArcane Fracturefor less damage and identity.
  • Flames,Bo, and auto-attacks give a tiny bit of gauge as well, so be sure to weave those in when everything's on cooldown. Be careful not to use itBoif the boss has onecounterablepattern and hasn't used it for a while.Switchhowever, has an internal cooldown of 30 seconds, i.e. if a boss has beencountersrecently you can use freelyBoas filling competence.
  • apocalypseshould always be your last major ability to use in a rotation while building up the Identity Gauge. If you have used everything andArcane Fractureavailable, you can proceedapocalypseinArcane Fracturein everything else.
  • IfExplosionAndPunishing Blowaren't on cooldown either, that's fine. You can save them for afterwardsArcane Fracture. Putting them on cooldown first isn't important.
  • You can maximize time indoorsArcane Fractureby using it right before impactapocalypserather than the moment you exit the channel. However, this is a really minor tweak and the benefits of this are mostly seen in T2/T3 gameplay.
  • Always try to balance your big burst combination with the key synergies of a support. Supports have two very large buffs that stack, and ideally your burst is while you have both buffs available. It can significantly increase your damage!
  • Explosionshould cancelPunishing Blowwhich should cancel inRime Arrow. This rotation is the same whether or notArcane Fractureis available.apocalypsehas a very long cooldown, and the last thing you want is to wait for your opening skill whenArcane Fractureis available. If you knowArcane Fracturecoming soon, refrain from using itapocalypse. because of howArcane Fractureworks withdetonator, it's ok if the other abilities are on cooldown as they come off cooldown within 15 secondsArcane Fractureso you can throw them.
  1. apocalypse
  2. When full throttleFrosts Ruf
  3. When full throttleArcane Fracture
  4. Explosion
  5. Punishing Blow
  6. Rime Arrow
  7. esoteric reaction
  8. Frosts Ruf
  9. apocalypse

Stats Priority

detonatorPrioritize SorceressSpecialization. CriticalAndspeedare your secondary stats. It's up to you to decide which secondary status you're most comfortable with. Critical is for higher overall damage, while Alacrity is for better consistency with cooldowns. Swiftness is recommended as a secondary stat when an Igniter Sorceress has less than a level 8 Cooldown Gem on herapocalypseCapability.


Engraving classprovide powerful perks that can significantly change playstyle.battle engravingsare generally used to increase damage. Below are the recommended engravings for this build.
Visit theengravingInstructionsfor more details.

Starter Engravings

  • detonatoris your engraving class. It offers a lot of the basic stats needed to maximize your burst, which is the main point of this build in the first place.
  • All Out Attackis essential for this build as it reduces casting channel time by 20%. Many of the skills in this build are very slow, so anything that can speed up their execution is beneficial.

Add-On Endgame-Gravuren

  • meet masteris a good engraving for your overall damage. It has the same advantages asDamn dollwithout disadvantages.
  • Precise daggeris for extra critical hit chance. Because all your damage is centralized in a small burst window. Getting critical hits while doing this is important. The -12% punitive damage penalty is mitigated by the build,precision daggerparticular is used for this build because the maintenanceAdrenalinis extremely difficult with the long cooldownsdetonatorbuild. Precision Dagger is a crutch engraving in this setup as it allows you to take swiftness without sacrificing too many critical hits and doing the doubleapocalypsethrow easier.

Advanced engravingS

note:The Advanced Engravings are the best setup for Tier 3 content. The associated penalties can be difficult for new players to overcome.Only use the following engravings if you have experience with the boss fights!

  • resentment*is difficult to fit into this build as many engravings are for comfort and operation. However, it's still technically the most efficient damage engraver, so it's ideal to use once you're comfortable with all the content.
  • Damn doll*is often the engraving of last choice. It increases your damage but decreases the amount of healing you receive.
  • Adrenalincan also be used. It can be difficult to maintain all the stacks required to make it worthwhile, but it has higher efficiency than bothDamn dollas well asprecision dagger. However, it's okay not to always maintain all of the stacks, as you'll only need them if you're committing to a full burst. Not recommended in general though as it adds an extra layer of thinking when playing and the average player will do better with the other engravings mentioned.

(*)These engravings should only be used at engraving level 3.

Optimal settings

Engravings are listed in order of priority from left to right.



All Out Attack

meet master

Damn doll




All Out Attack

meet master


Precise dagger

gear sets

These are the specific gear sets for each tier.
Visit theGear-Set-Guidefor more details.

"Play at your own pace" route

Choose your Gearscore level

Stufe 1 – T3 Argos

Tier 3 Legion Raids

Sorceress Igniter Raid Build Guide for Lost Ark on (3)

Sorceress Igniter Raid Build Guide for Lost Ark on (4)Sorceress Igniter Raid Build Guide for Lost Ark on (5)

  • step 1
  • Rang 2
  • level 3
  • Argos

step 1

340 Gearscore

460 Gearscore

Rang 2

840 Gearscore

960 Gearscore

level 3

1302- 1370 Gearscore


1370 - 1415 Gearscore

Sorceress Igniter Raid Build Guide for Lost Ark on (6)Sorceress Igniter Raid Build Guide for Lost Ark on (7)

Speedrun oder Alts Route

Stage 1 to early Stage 3

340 - 1370 Gearscore


1370 - 1415 Gearscore
Predestined Zeal Set

Mixed Tier 3 Valtan sets

Started at 1415 - 1430 Gearscore
Hold ontoPredestined Zeal Set

Started at 1445+ gearscore
Nightmare Flower Weapon & Helmet
Preordined Diligence Set Chest & Pants
Poem of Redemption Gloves & Shoulders


Runes improve abilities with additional bonuses. All rune drops are account-bound and have limited availability, so placing runes on the correct abilities is important. Below are the recommended pairings.
Check therune guidefor more details.

Frosts RufAssets
esoteric reaction Assets
Rime Arrow Assets
apocalypse storm wind
Explosion storm wind
Punishing Blow storm wind
Bo Wut
  • Wutis best used withBoso it can increase the speed of our skill rotation. This is especially true immediately after a counter, which usually has a smaller damage window.
  • storm windis great for speeding up your best damage distribution skills. These apply to the channel time of your three major abilities.
  • Fast chargingused on abilities closer to the end of your rotation for the highest effectiveness. It is generally interchangeable withBlossoms.
  • Focusreduces the mana cost of skills. If you don't have all of the recommended runes, you can cast this rune on one of your abilities as a placeholder.
  • Blossomsworks bestFlamesbecause of low cooldown times.

Gear skill tree and tripods

While Gems add perks to abilities, you can also amplify the effects of Tripods themselves. Tripod tiers go up to 5, and each tier can increase the damage, cooldown reduction, or buff they provide.

For more information on how to add equipment tripods and how to get them, visit ourSkill Tree System Guide.

Punishing Blowawareness improvement
Electrical Discharge
Magical Reinforcement
Frosts Rufenlightenment
unstable rule
Improved Strike
apocalypseawareness improvement
Magical Reinforcement
esoteric reactionFast preparation
Improved Strike
Stabilized Crystals
Rime Arrowenlightenment
Penetrating Strike
Ice pick
vulnerability detection
Magical Reinforcement


Gems grant bonus damage and cooldown reduction to certain skills. You can only equip 11 of these gems at a time, so it's recommended that you prioritize the gems for your most important abilities.

Please visit ourGuide to the Gem Systemfor more information, e.g. B. how to create gems of higher tiers.

attack gems

Punishing Blow
Frosts Ruf
esoteric reaction
Rime Arrow

Cooldown gems

Frosts Ruf
esoteric reaction
Punishing Blow

decks of cards

Maps are an endgame system for maximizing your character. Below are the recommended sets for this class.
Visit thecard guidefor more details on how to obtain them.


Optimal set of damage cards

video guide


  • detonatorSorceress deals heavy burst damage by building up her identity meter.
  • your ability to identifyArcane Fractureis an extremely powerful buff that scales downspecialization. This buff grants bonus damage, increased crit rate, increased crit damage, reduced cooldowns, increased cast speed, increased part break, and increased stagger damage.
  • You'll need to build up your identity gauge, line it up with your support's buff, and carefully position yourself with a boss opening to cast all of your main damage abilities and hope the boss doesn't move.
  • Your rotation is pretty much the same when you build Gauge but don't castapocalypseif you are nearArcane Fractureor you wait for the cooldown to expire before committing to activating your buff.
  • The blinkis a good mobility of your identity. However, since it consumes the identity gauge, which is a direct source of your damage in this build, you should only use it in life-or-death situations. It can also be used to immunize dangerous status effects from certain boss patterns as it has debuff immunity.


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February 5, 2022

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Should sorceress ignite or reflux? ›

Choosing a Playstyle

The Sorceress has to choose between Igniter and Reflux. Igniter is the burst damage option and Reflux is the sustain damage option. Reflux is looked at as the easier option and does a bit less damage but both playstyles are more than viable.

What is the best build for sorceress in Lost Ark? ›

  • The best Lost Ark sorceress build: Igniter or Reflux? (Image credit: Amazon Games) ...
  • Blaze. The bread-and-butter sorceress spell is Blaze, which draws a line of flames that widens into a rectangle of hot-coal pain. ...
  • Seraphic Hail. ...
  • Punishing Strike. ...
  • Reverse Gravity. ...
  • Rime Arrow. ...
  • Frost's Call. ...
  • Esoteric Reaction.
Oct 6, 2022

What stats are good for igniter sorc? ›

Stats Priority

Igniter Sorceress prioritize Specialization. Critical and Swiftness are your secondary stats. It's up to you to decide which secondary stat you're most comfortable with. Critical is for higher overall damage while Swiftness is for better consistency with cooldowns.

Which awakening skill is best for sorceress Lost Ark? ›

Thankfully, the first Awakening skill, Enviska's Might, is a great choice. It deals good damage and has a wide area of effect, making it a consistent and reliable choice. Sorceress' second Awakening ability, Apocalypse Call, summons meteors from the sky to rain down on the battlefield.

What is the strongest sorceress build? ›

What Is the Best Sorceress Build? The Lightning Sorceress is widely recognised as one of the most powerful builds, but it requires above-average equipment to reach its full potential.

How much strength should a sorceress have? ›

How much Strength Does a Blizzard Sorceress Need? Monarch Shield this will be 156 Strength as that is usually the highest Strength requirement for commonly used gear.

What is the most overpowered class in Lost Ark? ›

Gunlancer. Gunlancers are the tankiest class in the game, and on top of that they can do amazing damage. The fact that they can support their team makes them incredibly versatile as well.

What is the highest DPS character in Lost Ark? ›

If you're set on rolling the best DPS in Lost Ark, then Death Blade and Striker are the ones to go for.

Is sorceress beginner friendly Lost Ark? ›

Both Of Lost Ark's Mage Subclasses Are Easy For New Players

Lost Ark's Sorceress subclass is a ranged attacker that uses a staff and elemental spells to cast damage, with huge area of effects and crowd control abilities making for a relatively forgiving playstyle.

Which engraving for sorcerer? ›

The Engravings for the Sorceress class are Igniter and Reflux, which come with the following bonuses: Igniter soups up the Sorceress's abilities whenever the Arcane Rupture skill is active, lowering normal skill cooldown duration by -50%, while raising Crit rate by up to 25% and Crit damage by up to 50%.

Is fireball sorc good? ›

Fireball Sorceress

The Fire Sorceress is known for extremely high Fire damage capable of killing players and monsters in only a couple of hits. With explosive Fireball and Meteor damage both her Single Target and Area of Effect are extremely effective.

Is fireball sorc good d2? ›

The Fire Ball Sorceress is a common but powerful build for the Sorceress. It uses the Fire Ball spell as the apex. It has great range, low mana cost, and high damage per second.

Are lightning Sorcs good? ›

The Lightning Sorceress is the fastest Chaos Sanctuary clearing character in the game, known for her extremely high damage output and mobility. While fragile, when you pair this Sorceress up with an Infinity Mercenary there are very few places she cannot clear quickly.


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