Dungeons & Dragons: 6 broken character builds (2023)

Dungeons, the venerable tabletop RPG, is best known for its freeform nature and emphasis on freedom. The rules that govern it are remarkably flexible, and the number of possibilities is limited only by your own creativity. Dungeon masters and players alike can create to their heart's content, leading to endless possibilities.This independence drives the character creation process, the ultimate expression of freedom and creativity among gamers. With access to different classes, subclasses, races, etc.Players can create a variety of characters.


This freedom of choice allows for the creation of vastly different characters, each with unique mechanics and playstyles. Although theCharacter creation system frommainly stimulates creativity, some have taken advantage of its almost limitless possibilities. Through various exploits, players have created numerous groundbreaking builds that make the impossible possible. While many discourage such an exploitative practice, there is much to learnDungeonsmost broken character builds.

Updated June 8, 2022 by Christopher Anaya:Dungeons & Dragons is a TTRPG with unlimited possibilities for players. The only limits to their imagination are the rules of the game and the limits of their creativity. While this freedom is only aimed at accommodating player desires, it can lead to some flawed character builds. These character concepts push the boundaries of imagination and sway to the rules of Dungeons & Dragons.

Broken character builds are controversial because of their impact. They can tarnish or completely uproot an ordinary game of Dungeons & Dragons within a few sessions. So while it's understandable that these character concepts would be banned or restricted, the effort that went into creating them is undeniably impressive. Looking at these broken character builds will give players a glimpse of the freedom they possess in Dungeons & Dragons.

6/6The coffee castle

Dungeons & Dragons: 6 broken character builds (1)
  • Race Requirements:none
  • Class Requirements:Sorcerer, Warlock
  • Subclass Requirements:Divine Soul (Sorcerer)
  • Statistics Requirements:none
  • Feat Requirements:none

By far the most notorious broken build is the Coffeelock. A monstrous combinationof the two magiciansand Warlock, the Coffeelock grants players unlimited spells. Additionally, this build also eliminates the need for long breaks, hence the name Coffeelock. Despite repeated arguments regarding its legality, the coffeelock continues to be an acceptable and capable character build.

The Coffeelock requires at least one charactertwo levels in Sorcererand three in Warlock. How to get access tothe source of magicand Pact of Tome Features. The former allows a character to convertmagic pointsinmagic placesand vice versa – the key mechanics of the coffeelock. The latter allows a character to acquire theEldritch Invocation,aspect of the moon, eliminating the need for sleep. Together, these abilities allow a character to rely solely on short breaks to recover.

So a Coffeelock can pause briefly, restore spell slots, convert them to sorcery points or vice versa, and repeat - essentially granting infinite spell slots. The only downside to this build is the consequence of not ending long pauses. Longer periods without long breaks will resultexhaustion, an effect that gradually worsens and can even lead to death. The only way to avoid this disadvantage is through theGreater RecoverySpells obtainable through thedivine soulWizard subclass. Such a spell requiresDiamond dust worth 100 gold pieces. Although expensive at first, a coffeelock can eventually find a way to mitigate the cost.

5/6The Goodberry Master

Dungeons & Dragons: 6 broken character builds (2)
  • Race Requirements:none
  • Class Requirements:cleric
  • Subclass Requirements:Life Domain (Cleric)
  • Statistics Requirements:none
  • Feat Requirements:Magical Initiate (Druid)

The Goodberry Master is a lesser known but undeniably broken build. Using the Cleric class andMagic Initiate Feat, the Goodberry Master offers a substantial, cost-effective cure all-ina single Goodberry. As a bonus, these Goodberries grant food for a whole day and eliminate the need for rations. Although somewhat lackluster in comparison, the Goodberry Master is the only build that can heal 40 hit points with a 1st level spell.


The Goodberry Master requires at least one character to take alonga level in Cleric, selection ofarea of ​​life. This grants them thedisciple of lifeFeature that increases the number of hit points recovered from healing spells to 2 + the level of the spell. In addition to this ability, players must acquire theMagic Initiate Featfor theDruidspell list. Alternatively, you can opt for a multiclass in Druid if you wish. The Magic Initiate Talent grants a character access to theGute askedSpells - the main focus of the Goodberry Master.

With these two traits, a character can produce good berries that can heal at least 4 hit points each. Although it may seem inconspicuous at first, keep in mind that the Goodberry spell summons up to ten Goodberries, for a total of 40 hit points. Such immense healing abilities are remarkable for a 1st level spell, and become far more beneficial when cast at higher levels. The only downside, albeit a trivial one, is the requirement of either adruidic focus. Both necessities are readily available and worth the effort.

4/6The all-rounder

Dungeons & Dragons: 6 broken character builds (3)
  • Race Requirements:Half-elf or variant human
  • Class Requirements:Bard, Cleric, Rogue
  • Subclass Requirements:College of Lore (Bard), Knowledge Domain (Cleric)
  • Statistics Requirements:Dexterity 13, Charisma 13, Wisdom 13,
  • Feat Requirements:Cleverly

The Jack of All Trades is an oddly broken build that benefits from something the Bard class tries to do - be good at everything. With the help of a race, multiple classes, and the talent skill, the jack-of-all-trades becomes proficientin every abilityconceivable. Rather than being a master of nothing, this build makes a character versatile and offers expertise in a few areas. While not as traditionally strong by comparison, the jack-of-all-trades is essentially a multi-purpose character, suited to any situation.

The jack-of-all-trades requires a character to be aHalbelforvariant human, as each grants a large number of starting skills. In addition, they must at leastthree levels in Bard, one in Cleric and one in Rogue. With one level in Rogue, a character gains knowledge of four skills and expertise in two—or one skill and tools of the thieves if they prefer. By leveling up in Cleric and selecting theknowledge domain, a character acquires knowledge of two languages ​​and two skills - skill tests performed with these skills act as if he has specialist knowledge.

By taking three levels in Bard and choosing thatCollege of Lore, a character gains proficiency with instruments and six skills with expertise in two. After all, a character has to take themSkilled performance, allowing them to master three abilities of their choice. As soon as they reach theirs5th level, a character can master nearly every available skill. This makes the jack-of-all-trades a near-perfect tool for just about any situation, especially ones that are particularly unpredictable. This build not only ensures excellent utility, but also decent support.

3/6The Pallock

Dungeons & Dragons: 6 broken character builds (4)
  • Race Requirements:none
  • Class Requirements:Paladin, Warlock
  • Subclass Requirements:Hexblade (Warlock)
  • Statistics Requirements:Strength 13, Charisma 13
  • Feat Requirements:none

The Pallock is an exceedingly powerful but somewhat contradictory broken build familiar to many fans. By the divine power of paladins and taboosWarlock magic, the Pallock can unleash devastating blows that can decimate almost anything in just a few hits. Such a unique combination allows for many potent variations of this build that still prove effective. This makes the Pallock one of the most customizable and deadly builds possible.


The pallock requires at least one characterthree levels in Paladinand three in Warlock, although they will probably take more. With three levels in Paladin, a character gains access tothe Divine Smite featureand a subclass of your choice. Divine Smite will add to this build's immense damage potential, while the subclass offers versatility. Any paladin subclass is viable, although one character will benefit the mostOath of Devotion,Oath of Conquest, andoath of revenge. With three levels in Warlock, a character grants access tothe pact blessingand the subclass Hexblade.

After getting the Pact Boon feature, a character should chooseDiePact of the Bladeas it provides the most benefits for what this build is intended to achieve. The Hexblade subclass grants a character additional damage potential in the form ofthe Hexblade's Curse feature. Together, these classes offer a character the ability to defeat opponents with a single blow. The Pallock's harrowing destructive abilities become increasingly powerful as a character gains more levels in either class. However, six levels in Paladin and fourteen levels in Warlock are preferable for a ridiculously effective build.

2/6The Hexblade Sniper

Dungeons & Dragons: 6 broken character builds (5)
  • Race Requirements:none
  • Class Requirements:fighter, warlock
  • Subclass Requirements:Hexblade (Warlock)
  • Statistics Requirements:Strength or Dexterity 13, Charisma 13
  • Feat Requirements:Crossbow expert, sniper

The Hexblade Sniper is a seemingly counterintuitive build considering Warlocks often rely on Eldritch Blast, but it's arguably the best ranged build. With a trusty crossbow, the uncanny magic of a warlock, and the fighting prowess of a fighter, this build can easily take down enemies at any range. Unlike other ranged builds, the Hexblade Sniper can not only deal devastating damage per hit, but also weaken enemies in advance. The unique combination of this build makes it one with an intriguing concept and deadly prowess.

The Hexblade Sniper requires at least one characterthree levels in Warlockand two in Fighter. The three levels in Warlock grant a character access totwo Eldritch Invocations, a Pact Boon, and the Hexblade subclass. These features provide a character with many perks that help improve a character's damage potential. The two levels in Fighter grant a charactera Fighting Style, Second Wind, and Action Boost. A character should also selectthe Sharpshooter and Crossbow Expert talentsas they make crossbows more versatile and efficient. With these perks, a character can use their crossbow more effectively, making them a masterful and formidable sniper.

The Hexblade subclass gives a characterthe Hexblade's Curse feature, which benefits them at the expense of their enemy, andthe Hex Warrior feature, granting them access to weapons of war and allowing them to use Charisma instead of Strength or Dexterity for weapon attacks. A character should takethe pact of the bladeto upgrade their crossbow and meet Eldritch Invocations requirements such as:Eldritch Smite. These features, combined with those of the two levels in Fighter, allow the Hexblade Sniper to unleash multiple devastating attacks that become even more deadly with the use of spells or hexes.

1/6The incredibly fast Tabaxi

Dungeons & Dragons: 6 broken character builds (6)
  • Race Requirements:Tabaxi
  • Class Requirements:Barbarian, Fighter, Monk, Sorcerer
  • Subclass Requirements:Path of the Totem Warrior (Barbarian), Bladesong (Sorcerer)
  • Statistics Requirements:Strength 13, Dexterity 13, Intelligence 13, Wisdom 13
  • sleight of handRequirements:mobile phone, mobile phone

The incredibly fast Tabaxi is a build that grants freedom of movement like no other, allowing a character to cover ridiculous distances with ease. By harnessing the Tabaxi's natural speed, the speed-boosting properties of various classes, and amazing performance, a character can cover hundreds of meters in a single turn, which is a miracle considering that time frame is around six seconds. This speed is something only the Impossibly Fast Tabaxi build is capable of, and while it may seem ridiculous, being able to move so quickly is immensely beneficial.

The incredibly fast Tabaxi requires at least one characterfive levels in Barbarian, two in Fighter, ten in Monk and two in Wizard. A character also has to make a choicethe path of the totem warrior of the moose and the blade-singing subclass. These class and subclass options grant a bonus to a character's base speed. The main requirement for this build is that a character is aTabaxias they ownthe Feline Ability feature, allowing them to double their speed for one turn. Another necessary aspect of this build isthe mobile featgranting additional speed and eliminating the unfavorable terrain penalty.

Overall, this accumulation of classes, subclasses, etcIncrease a character's base speed from 30 to an unprecedented 95 feetwhen motion-enhancing features are enabled. Additionally, players can use Dash for their action and bonus action along with the Feline Agility feature and spells like Longstrider to move further.Increase the distance a character can move in a single turn to 840 feet. This impossible speed is achievable through the efforts of a single character, but with the help of others,it can reach ridiculous heights, such as37,520 feet per lap. The incredibly fast Tabaxi is truly a build unlike any other.

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What is the most broken D&D builds? ›

The most infamous broken build by far is the Coffeelock. An egregious combination of both Sorcerer and Warlock, the Coffeelock grants players unlimited spells. In addition, this build also eliminates the need for long rests, hence the name Coffeelock.

What is the most overpowered 5e character builds? ›

2 Barbarian Moon Druid

Out of everything that D&D 5e allows you to do, this is by far the most overpowered build in the entire game. Some Game Masters restrict Wild Shape or flat out ban this multiclass because it is so powerful.

What is the best character build in Dungeons and Dragons? ›

The best D&D 5E character builds are:

Human Polearm Fighter. Warforged Cleric. Aasimar Redeemer Paladin. Half-elf Sorlock.

What is the most overpowered DND class? ›

The paladin is perhaps the most powerful combatant of all of D&D 5e's classes. It combines the best aspects of the fighter and cleric into a single character. Paladins get a fighter's weapons, spellcasting like a cleric, and several unique features. These together make them terrifying to fight.

What is the least popular DnD class? ›

Druids on the other hand are the least popular class to play in DnD. Druids are fairly complicated to play with all the different shapeshifting abilities, and this complexity doesn't necessarily reward you with a very strong class.

What is the hardest D&D module? ›

Tomb of Horrors is designed for players of levels 10 to 14. Depending on how often you play and how your DM handles the distribution of experience points, getting a character to this level can take well over a year of play.

Who is the weakest God in DND? ›

A Demipower is the weakest type of deity. It is below a Lesser God, Intermediate God, and Greater God in strength. Demigods are, usually, ascended mortals that haven't had time to establish a large church yet. Torm was formerly a Demigod before he defeated Bane and was resurrected by Ao.

Who is the ultimate God in DND? ›

Know ye that there is one god above all the gods of Faerun, a being known as Ao, the One Who Is Hidden. Ao it was, so we are told, who created the gods, to bring order out of chaos, so that our world could exist, each beast in its place and each plant in its niche, all in harmony.

What is the strongest d2 build? ›

Hammerdin - The famous Hammerdin is considered by some to be the best all-around build in Diablo 2. This build maxes out the Blessed Hammer skill, which hurls magical hammers that spiral out around the Paladin. Hammerdin can clear monster packs with ease and deal with bosses effectively.

Is D&D good for mental health? ›

The skills used in most games like D&D – “telling stories, being social, being creative, practicing math, practicing reading – all of those things are really, really helpful” for someone struggling with their mental health, Connell said.

What is the hardest enemy in Dungeons and Dragons? ›

1 Tarrasque

Description: The most dreaded monster on the Material Plane in D&D is none other than the ferocious Tarrasque. Another gargantuan monstrosity, these scaly bipeds stand fifty feet tall and seventy feet wide, towering almost every creature.

What is the highest possible damage in D&D? ›

First action damage is 160 at best. First action critical damage is 340 at best. Whole turn damage is 192 at best. Whole turn critical damage is 404 at best.

What is the most overpowered weapon in DND? ›

15 Strongest Legendary Weapons in Dungeons & Dragons
  1. 1 Luck Blade. Dungeon Master's Guide pg.
  2. 2 Moonblade. Dungeon Master's Guide pg. ...
  3. 3 Vorpal Sword. Dungeon Master's Guide pg. ...
  4. 4 Wave Functions As A Whole Loadout. ...
  5. 5 The Rakdos Riteknife. ...
  6. 6 Hazirawn. ...
  7. 7 Holy Avenger. ...
  8. 8 Whelm. ...
Aug 7, 2022

What D&D spell does the most damage? ›

15 Highest Damaging Spells In Dungeons & Dragons
  1. 1 True Polymorph. 9th-level transmutation.
  2. 2 Prismatic Wall. 9th-level abjuration. ...
  3. 3 Meteor Swarm. 9th-level evocation. ...
  4. 4 Psychic Scream. 9th-level enchantment. ...
  5. 5 Crown Of Stars. 7th-level evocation. ...
  6. 6 Dark Star. 8th-level evocation. ...
  7. 7 Ravenous Void. ...
  8. 8 Power Word Kill. ...
Sep 16, 2022


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