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Crisis Core-reünie Final Fantasy VIIhas revolutionized the modern gaming world for its outclass construction. As you progress through the storyline, Zack will keep finding the new items as a reward. These items are specifically known as Materia. In addition, you can make more powerful materia by fusing the different materia together, which will help you strengthen your powers. This guide will lead you to theCrisis Core Materia Fusion List.

Key learning points

  • Material Fusionis a technique or a process in Crisis Core that allows you to fuse two materia to get a stronger materia.
  • You canUnlock materialFusion by reachingChapter 3from Crisis Core reunion.
  • There arefour subjectsin total, by the combination of which you can achievenew materials.
  • Item Fusion Tome can greatly assist in using the materials inFusion process.
  • In particular, you get access to theArticle Fusion Tomeby completing theSearch and destroyMission.
  • DMW's Fusionis a strong Materia that will greatly enhance your strength.

What is Materia Fusion?

Material Fusionin Crisis Core Reunion is a way where you can combine two materia of your own choice to get a new rare and more advanced Materia. In addition, the resulting materia will improve your efficiency in Crisis Core Reunion. In particular, the final material will improve youcurrentin play because the resulting materia will have the combined characteristics of both fused materia.

Furthermore there isno limitsin choosing the material to be used. So you can use whatever materia you want to create the new powerful materia in Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII.

Particularly some of thebest materialsin-game is only available through the fusion process. So it is crucial to understand the merger process in Crisis Core Reunion. We will explain everything about the fusion process and materia fusion list.

What matters now are the tips to remember when fusing two materials. Specifically, the first is that the more influential the materia you want to make, the more SP it takes to connect. So it would be best if you had enoughSPduring the fusion process in Crisis Core Reunion to create the materia of your choice.

How to unlock Materia Fusion?

After deepening the materia fusion process, you must be curious abouthow to unlock Materia Fusionin Crisis Core reunion. So, be patient; we will explain every fact in a moment.

Specifically, to unlock the Materia Fusion in Crisis Core Reunion, you can follow itsimple steps:

  1. Go to firstChapter 3van Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII.
  2. Second, visit theShinra-salvagedlooking for the missions.
  3. The Shinra employee who does research there will give you valuable information about themachinesimplanted there.
  4. In particular, after this you can access theMateria Fusion tabin the main menu of Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII.
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How does the merger work?

In addition, before making fused materials, you need to know how the fusion process works in Crisis Core Reunion. So we will guide you furtherhow the fusion process works.

Remember that fusion can be done using two materials. In addition, the final materia you get is more complex materia as it has the advanced features of the parent materias. In addition, the fusion outputnot randomly; you can predict the outcome by checking the nature of the materials used for fusion.

In addition, the fusion process is more complex than it seems. A complete onealgorithmis followed in the background as the two materias merge. Thus, the resulting final material will be the best depending on the nature of the input materials used in the fusion process.

In addition, there is a percentage ratio of the parent's materia in the resulting final materia. In particular, it means no arbitrary transfer of powers in the merged matter. While the fused materia will have more functions, the materia will have more power. Specifically, a force greater than50will have more impact on the final material.

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Crisis Core Materia Fusion-principles

Delve into theCrisis Core Materia Fusion List,you need to know some basics of combining the two materials in Crisis Core Reunion. Remarkable,these principlesAre:

  • First, fusing two Mastered Class Materia together will create a much more powerful and deadly material from thesame categoryin Crisis Core reunion. In addition, the resulting material is not ordinary. Instead, it has the best features of the materials used.
  • Second, if you combine twoBlizzard issuein Crisis Core Reunion you will get the fantastic Blizzara Materia which has the dual characteristics of Blizzard materia. So in this way you can double any materia power by fusion.
  • Third, you can getdifferent types of materialby combining the powerful materias with the DMWs Materias in Crisis Core Reunion. In particular, the material resulting from this fusion will be the deadly one.
  • In addition, you can use theparametersof the single materia by combining it with the Libra Materias. Likewise, the first, this materia will also be similar.

Crisis Core Reunion Materia Fusion List

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You know that the Materia Fusion technique allows you to get more powerful and deadly materials in Crisis Core Reunion. So we will explain to you each combination of materials so that you can make the fatal materia of your choice.

In addition, the materia fusion is distinguishedfour major classesdepending on the type of resulting materia in Crisis Core Reunion. Remarkable,these categoriesAre:

  • magic matter
  • Command Matter
  • Support Material
  • Special material

magic matter

In particular, the following table will provide an overview of theMagic Materia Fusionlist by giving the combinations of different materia used for the materia fusion process in Crisis Core Reunion:

First material Second material Termination of the case
Blizzard Thunder Firework
Blizzara Thunder fira
Blizzaga Thunder Begin
Firework Thunder Blizzard
Firework Blizzard Thunder
Dondara Firework Blizzara
fira Blizzard Dondara
thundaga Firework Blizzaga
Begin Blizzard thundaga
Healing Healing Healing
Healing Stilted Therapy
Healing dash regen
Therapy Death Curacao
Healing dash regen
Poison VIT ON Is a
Stilted SPRING UP Expel
Firework HP up Barrier
Blizzara SPRING UP MBarrier
Barrier Octaslash Wall
Output sheet MAY GO ON drain
Begin drain disposal
drain Octaslash Drawing
Osmosis Leaves MAY GO ON Osmosis
Power Osmosis SPRING UP The eighth
gif month Go on Poison
Poison dash Stilted
Stop mes MAY GO ON Stop
Poison Octaslash Death
Firework Poison Dark fire
Blizzard Poison Dark blizzard
Thunder Poison Dark Thunder
fira Is a Dark Fira
Blizzara Stilted Dark Blizzara
Dondara Expel Donkere Thundara
Begin Is a Dark Firaga
Blizzaga Is a Dark Blizzaga
thundaga Is a Donkere Thundaga
Dark fire Octaslash Whole Firaga
Dark blizzard Octaslash All Blizzaga
Dark Thunder surpass De hell Thundaga
Gravity dash Gravity
Gravity Healing serious
Gravity surpass Earthquake
Tri Thundaga Scale Tri Thundaga
Tri Thundaga M Scale Triple fire
Tri Fire M Scale electrocute
Electrocute M Scale Glow
Flare M Scale Energy
Tri Thundaga surpass Ultima
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Command Matter

The following table summarizes allCommando Materia Fusionby giving the combinations of different materia used for the materia fusion process in Crisis Core Reunion:

First material Second material Termination of the case
Scale Graviga (M) Darkness
AP up Powerful attack To jump
AP up Firaga-month High jump
dash Poison Turner Gif antenna
Poison Turner High jump Fixed antenna
Scale Stilte Antenna (M) Doodssprong
AP up Vitale slash Attack Twister
Octaslash To jump Attack Twister+
Scale Poison Turner Poison Turner
Scale Gifantenne (M) Quit Twister
Poison Turner Attack Twister+ Kill twister
To jump Gravity Powerful attack
serious Powerful attack Vitale slash
To jump Earthquake Exploder blade
Attack Twister Graviga (M) ExplosionGolf
Poison Powerful attack gif month
Poison Attack Twister Style mes
ATK UP Stop Stop mes
Death Powerful attack Deadly knife
Poison Elemental attack Expel knife
Powerful attack Firework Fire sword
Powerful attack Blizzard Blizzard mes
Powerful attack Thunder Thunder knife
To jump fira fira-month
To jump Blizzara Blizzara-mes
To jump Dondara DondaraSheet
ATK UP Begin Firaga-month
ATK UP Blizzaga Blizzaga blades
ATK UP thundaga Thundaga-mes
drain Attack Twister Output sheet
ATK UP The eighth Power consumption
ATK UP Drawing Air exhaust
ATK UP drain Osmosis Leaves
ATK UP disposal Power Osmosis
Scale To steal To steal
electrocute To steal Mok
Octaslash To steal Gil Throw
Scale Goblin-pons Goblin-pons
dash Goblin-pons Iron fist
Libra (M) Iron Fist (M) Magic punch
Libra (M) Magic Punch (M) Hammer punch
Octaslash Kobold Precious pons
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Support Material

The following table summarizes allSupport Materialin Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII:

First material Second material Termination of the case
Octaslash Octaslash Scale
Octaslash Poison Turner Statusstaking
HP up Stop Status department
Spar Attack Twister Elemental attack
VIT ON Begin Elementary Department
Scale SP turboMagic SP Turbo Magie
electrocute SP Turbo Magie SP Turbo Attack
Glow SP Turbo Magie SP turbo
Energy SP Turbo Magie SP-barrier
Octaslash SP Turbo Magie SP Master
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Special material

The following table summarizes all Sspecial material Fusionby giving the combinations of different materia used for the materia fusion process in Crisis Core Reunion:

First material Second material Termination of the case
Scale HP up HP up
dash HP up HP up+
Octaslash HP up HP Up++
Scale MP up MP up
dash MP up MP up+
Octaslash MP up MP Up++
Scale AP up APUpwards
dash AP up AP up+
Octaslash AP up AP Up++
Octaslash ATK UP ATK UP++
Octaslash VIT ON VITUP++
Octaslash MAY GO ON MAG UP++
Octaslash SPRING UP SPR UP++
dash To steal Smart consumer
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Best Materia Fusions

In short, the table to come will be theBest Materia Fusionsis Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII:

First material Second material Termination of the case
surpass Goblin-pons Precious pons
Healing Stilted Curacao
Death Powerful attack Deadly knife
Scale Flare M Energy
surpass Gravity Earthquake
surpass Tri Thundaga Ultima
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Best tips for Materia Fusion

You must know a fewbest tipsfor the Materia Fusion in Crisis Core Reunion. Indeed, these tips will help you a lot in making the best materials using fusion techniques. Now we can give you some tips on the best angles of the Materia Fusion Process in Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII.

  • Low level Materia with DMW Materia
  • Materia Merger with Libra Materia
  • Base material of higher value material
  • Masterclass Materia Fusion

Low level Materia with DMW Materia

This is the first tip in Materia Fusion Process that you should learn in Crisis Corer Reunion. In addition, you should take into account that you have theefficiencyand strength of low-level material by fusing it with theDMWMaterial.

Materia Merger with Libra Materia

Moving on, the second tip in Materia Fusion Process is to combine the materias with the Libra so that you get the materia of thesame kindwith theenhanced functions.

For example, check out the following merger of Flare Matera with the Libra:

Flare + Libra = Flare

Base material of higher value material

In addition, the third tip in the Materia Fusion technique is that the resulting materia will have more characteristics of higher value base material in the Crisis Core Reunion. So the base materials must have somestylish featuresfor the fusion process.

For a better understanding, check out the following amalgamation of higher value Materias in Crisis Core Reunion:

Fira + Thunder =Blizzara

Firaga + Fire =Begin

Masterclass Materia Fusion

The best tip for the merger process is a combination oftwee Master Class Materia'sthat will produce a toxic substance of the same category.

In particular, you can watch the fusion of two master class fire materials:

Fire(M) + Fire(M) = Fira

How to Unlock Item Fusion Tome

Crisis Core Materia Fusion List & Tips - VeryAli Gaming (9)

Item Fusion Tome is the item in Crisis Core Reunion that also gives you youraccessories with thematerial fusion. In addition, you can follow these simple steps to unlock the Item Fusion Tome in Crisis Core Reunion:

  1. Go to firstchapter 5van Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII.
  2. Meet each otherAerithat the beginning of Chapter 5.
  3. After meeting the Aerith, a mission is available in the game.
  4. In particular, the mission is the "Search and destroymission.
  5. Complete the mission toArticle Fusion Tome.

Now you can create the deadly materia fusion recipes with the accessories of your choice. Indeed, it will improve the efficiency of the already existing materials in the game.

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This sums up our comprehensive guide to theCrisis Core Materia Fusion List. In particular, we explained every amalgamation of different materials that we obtained during the progression of the storyline to thenew deadly materialsof your choice. In addition, we presented how thefusion processworks in Crisis Core Reunion. In addition, we guided you with the best tips that you can use to create the powerful materia through the Materia Fusion process.

Basically, if you crave theCrisis Core Materia Fusion Techniques,you must visit our comprehensive guide atCrisis Core Reunion Best Materiaand how to get them.

In addition, you can also visit our guide atCrisis Core Reunion Blast Wave MateriaInCrisis Core Goddess Materia Locationsfor thebest experiencevan Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII.

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What is the best Materia in Crisis Core end game? ›

Costly Punch is the single best Materia in all of Crisis Core.

How do you unlock Materia fusion item in Crisis Core? ›

Materia Fusion will be unlocked when the player reaches Chapter 3, where they will be informed by a Shinra Research on what the process entails. It's relatively straightforward once the fundamentals have been learned, but it can be tricky to figure out given how much information is being thrown around.

Is it worth doing all the missions in Crisis Core Reunion? ›

There are 300 missions in Crisis Core Reunion that are optional. However, some of them should be completed if you want powerful rewards. You should complete M8-1-1, M8-1-4, M8-1-6 if you want to get the Ifrit, Bahamut, and Odin Summons.

How do you level Materia fast in Crisis Core? ›

If the DMW gauge is about to trigger a limit break, this is called a limit verge. During this time, if two or all three numbers match and are between 1 and 6 the materia in the matching slot will level up. If two numbers match, the materia will go up one level. If all numbers match, the materia will go up two levels.

What is the strongest summon in Crisis Core? ›

Odin is the strongest Summon in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, and players can easily obtain Odin's materia by completing the optional Mission M8-1-6: Mystery Materia. Odin's signature move, Zantetsuken, will inflict death on every opponent, killing them instantly.

Who is the strongest boss in Crisis Core? ›

Minerva is a superboss in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, and the most powerful boss. She is faced at the bottom of the Great Cavern of Wonders in a mission.

Is anything missable in Crisis Core? ›

There are 16 missable missions in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, which must be done prior to Chapter 8 if you want to get the Completionist trophy / achievement. Otherwise, these missions will be permanently lost.

How old is Aerith in Crisis Core? ›

Aerith appears in the prequel game Crisis Core. At the age of 16, she meets Zack, for whom she develops feelings during his stay in Midgar. Aerith and Zack develop a romantic relationship, but Zack is killed at the end of Crisis Core after being held in a Mako chamber for four years in the Shinra Mansion basement.

Is darkness good in Crisis Core? ›

Darkness is an exquisitely powerful yet dangerous Command-type Materia in Crisis Core Reunion. It deals a significant amount of damage to all nearby enemies at the cost of your own HP.

How many hours does it take to beat Crisis Core Reunion? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is about 13½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 46 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How to avoid death Crisis Core Reunion? ›

What is this? If you have any materia capable of inflicting the death status effect in Crisis Core FF7 Reunion, and you equip that materia along with Status Ward, you will become immune and be able to prevent and stop the Death spell.

How hard is Crisis Core Reunion? ›

The good news is that Crisis Core Reunion can basically be as easy or as hard as you want it to be — but there is a learning curve. This quick beginner tips guide will help you get started in Crisis Core FF7 Reunion with simple and actionable advice.

How long does it take to get 100% Crisis Core? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is about 18½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 76½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What is the fastest way to fill limit break in FF7 Remake? ›

The more damage you take, and the more you stagger enemies, the more likely you'll be able to do a Limit Break soon. Also, be on the lookout for Accessories that help you fill your Limit Break gauge, and weapon Skills (which you choose when upgrading a weapon) that will boost Limit Break gauge buildup.

Is Crisis Core better than FF7? ›

While Crisis Core Reunion's combat is spectacular itself, it doesn't compare to Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The DMW system, while unique, has its downsides and limits the use of Limit Breaks. Staggering in Remake to build your Limit gauge is satisfying and offers many options for approaching enemies.

What summon helps fight Melania? ›

Black Knife Tiche is an effective summon. She frequently knocks Malenia down and her special attack deals 2000+ damage.

What is the strongest summoning method? ›

The best: Pendulum

But whether you're using Xyz or Synchro or just need to have enough monsters to do something, Pendulum Summoning has got you covered.

What is the hardest battle in Crisis Core? ›

Minerva Is Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 - Reunion's Hardest Boss Fight. Minerva, one of the last enemies players will encounter in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 - Reunion's optional side missions, also presents the game's biggest challenge.

What is the hardest boss in all from soft games? ›

FromSoftware: 8 Hardest Beast Soulsborne Bosses, Ranked
  • 7 Armor Spider (Demon's Souls) ...
  • 6 Lud And Zallen, The King's Pets (Dark Souls 2) ...
  • 5 Elden Beast (Elden Ring) ...
  • 4 Maneaters (Demon's Souls) ...
  • 3 Beast Clergyman (Elden Ring) ...
  • 2 Guardian Ape (Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice) ...
  • 1 Ludwig, the Accursed & Holy Blade (Bloodborne)
Feb 21, 2023

What is the hardest boss in infinite? ›

In Master Chief's second encounter against a Banished boss, he squares off with Chak Lok. The Harbinger is the final boss battle in Halo Infinite and has three stages. The most difficult bosses to kill are Escharum and Chak Lok. To defeat the Brute, the players must be mobile, patient, and aggressive.

Is Crisis Core still canon? ›

Crisis Core Reunion Is Canon For Both Final Fantasy 7 Continuities. Crisis Core Reunion's story is the same as the original game, so Square Enix didn't make major changes to its canon in the way that some players anticipated.

Is Crisis Core repetitive? ›

Make no mistake: I love the world and characters of Final Fantasy VII, but that's not enough to make Crisis Core Reunion an easy recommendation. Much of its gameplay is repetitive and its narrative only pays off in fits and starts.

Who is the villain in Crisis Core? ›

Genesis Rhapsodos is an antagonist from the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII and the main antagonist in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. Genesis is a former SOLDIER first class in Shinra Electric Power Company before the events of the game.

Who does Cloud love? ›

Cloud has no choice to make. His love of Tifa helps him recall why he loves Aerith; loving Aerith healed the affectations that prevented him from loving Tifa. The girls never compete over him — they love each other, too.

Who is Tifa's dad in Crisis Core? ›

A resident of Nibelheim, he is the father of Tifa Lockhart, and the husband of Thea Lockhart. Brian Lockhart raised Tifa on his own after Thea's passing when Tifa was only eight years old. Later, he himself was murdered, and his death led Tifa to join Avalanche to fight against Shinra and SOLDIER.

Who is Aerith old boyfriend? ›

Zack Fair (ザックス・フェア, Zakkusu Fea) is a fictional character in the Final Fantasy role-playing video game series by Square Enix (originally Square), first introduced as a non-player character in Final Fantasy VII (1997).

Is Cait Sith in Crisis Core? ›

Cait Sith is a playable character in Final Fantasy VII and Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-. He also appears in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- as a summon, Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Is Roche in Crisis Core? ›

Much like Zack Fair in Crisis Core, he wields a SOLDIER issue broadsword, which is the first real indicator that his role in the story may be bigger than it at first seems. Roche seemingly has a death wish, seeking thrill after thrill with high speeds, life or death competitions, and impulsive actions.

What does the black cowl do in Crisis Core? ›

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

The Black Cowl is an accessory that allows the AP limit to become 9,999. It can be stolen from Diatryma, found in a treasure chest in Mission 2-5-5 and 9-3-3, or as a mission reward for mission 7-3-1.

How old is Yuffie in FF7? ›

One of two secret characters in the 1997 role-playing video game Final Fantasy VII, Yuffie is a 16-year-old ninja and a thief who fights with oversized shuriken that she can throw like a boomerang.

How old is cloud strife? ›

Cloud Strife was born on August 11, 1986, and is 21 years old in FF7. He is 5'7” or 173 cm. Cloud is considered a well-rounded character in gameplay.

Is Crisis Core short? ›

If you're just hoping to work your way through the main campaign while skipping most or all of the optional content, you can likely wrap things up in around 16 hours. The game contains a prologue and 10 main chapters, each taking somewhere in the vicinity of 1-2 hours to complete.

What is the mover weakness in Crisis Core? ›

It is vulnerable to Graviga, so the player can use it a few times until its HP is low enough for standard sword slashes. Defeating the Mover will grant plenty of SP, more than any other enemy.

What is the break HP limit in Crisis Core? ›

Zack with 99,999 HP in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. Break HP Limit (HP限界突破, HP genkai toppa?) is a support ability that allows characters' HP to exceed the normal limit, usually increasing it from 9,999 to 99,999.

How do you get 99 Phoenix down Crisis Core? ›

A good way to farm Phoenix Downs is to steal from the Mock Trooper B enemies in Mission 9-6-5. Be sure to have the Steal Materia equipped to use the Steal command. It is also recommended to use the Brigand's Glove accessory to grant Zack 100% steal success rate.

Why does Crisis Core Reunion look weird? ›

It's wild that the CG cutscenes in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion look worse than the in-game graphics because they weren't updated.

Does Crisis Core have new game plus? ›

New Game Plus Overview

New Game Plus is an optional mode in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion that allows you to play through the game again but with the ability to carry over some Stats, Items, and more.

Does Crisis Core have endgame? ›

Is there a post-game and New Game Plus? There are dozens of unlockables in Crisis Core, including some recognizable summons. Crisis Core Reunion doesn't have any new content for the post-game, however, you will unlock the New Game Plus option after you roll the credits for the first time.

Did Crisis Core sell well? ›

Crisis Core was the best-selling game across all regions from April through September 2007, with 710,000 copies sold in Japan. Selling 790,705 units as of August 2008, it became the third best-selling game for the PSP in Japan.

How long were Zack and Cloud in Mako? ›

Cloud and Zack were captured experimented on for 5 years, by following a procedure that was basically the same as the one used to create SOLDIERs, Cloud survived by it was severely weakened by Mako Poisioning.

What happened to Cissnei? ›

While on the search, Cissnei radioed Reno and Rude for a status report, but they had nothing. She informed them she was headed for "point 235" and directed them to "point 120". Cissnei and her fellow Turks were unable to reach Zack in time and he was gunned down by the Shinra Army.

What is the most powerful limit break in FF7? ›

The Omnislash is easily the most overpowered Limit Break in the game, hitting enemies a total of 15 times for massive damage and unlocking a ton of damage potential once the players get through the slog that's involved in unlocking said Limit Break in the Gold Saucer.

How do you unlock Omnislash in FF7 Remake? ›

Obtained. As a level 4 Limit, Omnislash is learned from a manual after Cloud has learned all his other Limit Breaks. It is won at the Battle Square in Gold Saucer. If the player wishes to obtain it early on, it can be obtained when the Tiny Bronco becomes available for 51,200 BP.

What is Sephiroth limit break FF7? ›

In Crisis Core, one of Sephiroth's fans refers to Supernova as Sephiroth's Limit Break. Supernova is also Sephiroth's EX Burst in the Dissidia games. The EX Burst is the ultimate attack used by every character that is tied to a meter that fills up over the course of the battle.

What is the best Materia to master in Crisis Core? ›

Costly Punch is the single best Materia in all of Crisis Core.

Who is stronger Cloud or Zack? ›

As far as pure physical strength goes, Zack has a sizable advantage over Cloud. He is taller and more muscular, while Cloud is leaner and smaller. He was also a SOLDIER first-class trained by Angeal.

Is Sephiroth bad in Crisis Core? ›

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Shows Who Sephiroth Was

Crisis Core allows the series to turn back time and showcase just what Sephiroth was like back before he was the series' most threatening villain. While he still seems standoffish and cold, he also shows a bit of a kind heart underneath his proud attitude.

Where is the last goddess Materia Crisis Core? ›

The seventh and final piece of the Goddess Materia set is nearby the save point in Lake of Oblivion and the closed off entrance to the Cage of Binding. Turn around and move toward the small alcove that is to the right of the save point on the map. In this small alcove is a chest that contains Sabbath Materia.

What is the full cure Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core reunion? ›

Full Cure is a Magic Materia in Crisis Core: FF7 Reunion that offers players a higher recovery rate than that of Curaga. In fact, it restores all HP to one or more party members. This Materia is obtained by stealing it from Magic Pot or Goliath.

Is Darkness good in Crisis Core? ›

The more the Darkness Materia is leveled up, the higher Zack's HP will become, which is a nice bonus considering how dangerous Darkness can be. Those who wish to risk it all in Crisis Core can do so by obtaining the Darkness Materia and incorporating it into their fighting style.

How do you get master Materia Crisis Core? ›

Steps for Materia mastering:
  1. Equip the low-level Materia you want to level.
  2. Head to Mission 1-1-1 (the very first training mission in the game).
  3. Cleave through the enemies until you get to Sentry G and Sentry H.
  4. Kill one of them, and then put your controller down.
Dec 19, 2022

What is Cissnei's real name? ›

Cissnei is a character that appears in two entries in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. She first appears as a playable character in Episode 18 of Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, in which her default name is Shuriken, and can be freely named by the player.

Can you miss Huge Materia? ›

If the player fails to catch up to the train, they do not get the Huge Materia and miss out on Ultima (unless they obtain this Huge Materia later [see below], in which case the boy will then give it to the player for free).

What happens if you miss the Huge Materia? ›

Unfortunately, if the player has no Huge Materia to interact with, the Observatory stays firmly shut. While there are ways to earn the major rewards lost from missing the Huge Materia, opening Bugenhagen's Observatory simply won't happen on this playthrough. It's not a major loss, really, but still a pity.

What is the most powerful Materia in Final Fantasy 7? ›

Abilities. Ultima is a Magic Materia in Final Fantasy VII equipped to provide the spell Ultima, the most powerful spell in the game. Ultima is a non-elemental spell that hits all enemies and ignores reflection.

What is the red materia in Crisis Core? ›

Red Materia is an enemy from Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. It usually appears a group with another Materia. Its high Vitality and Spirit ratings make it resilient. Using command materia or Ice-elemental attacks is an effective strategy.

Is Ultima good in Crisis Core? ›

Inflicts damage all enemies with a flash of bright light. Despite the Ultima spell's reputation as the strongest offensive magic in previous games in the Final Fantasy series, it is quite underwhelming in Crisis Core: Reunion.

How do you get mega all Materia? ›

Obtained. Mega All can be found in the Northern Cave, in the Mako Stream area. It is located on a ledge the player jumps through, and the player must use the confirm button at the right time to pick it up amid Cloud's jump.

What is the code to unlock the Huge Materia? ›

The player must input a passcode for the Huge Materia in order to obtain the last huge materia. The correct code is Circle, Square, X, X. (On PC, the code is [OK] [SWITCH] [CANCEL] [CANCEL]; on Switch or Xbox One, the code is BXAA.)


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