Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII: Tips and tricks for beginners | digital trends (2023)

Well over a decade after its release exclusively for the PlayStation Portable,Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunionis finally available for the very first time on all major modern platforms. This updated version of the popular title includes some quality of life improvements and a much-needed graphical overhaul, while retaining the unique complexity that sets it apart from the Final Fantasy VII collection. Whether you're a returning player or diving into this highly anticipated remaster for the first time, we have a few tips to make your experience a little friendlier.


  • Look out for NPCs with orange interaction markers
  • Use save points frequently to heal
  • Use side missions as an indirect difficulty controller
  • Don't let DMW buffs go to waste
  • Stick to enemies' backs to deal the most damage
  • Use magic consistently
  • Stick to the edges of the levels to avoid unwanted battles

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Look out for NPCs with orange interaction markers

There are a variety of NPCs you can interact with in Crisis Core, but not every conversation is particularly useful for your progression. If you enjoy absorbing all the lore about the world, feel free to stop and chat with any NPC along the way. However, if your main goal is to unlock new missions or optional content, keep an eye out for orange interaction markers that indicate an NPC has something valuable for you.

Use save points frequently to heal

This seems obvious, but it's easy to forget while exploring the world - touching a save point heals all your HP, MP, and AP. Make a habit of running up and touching these all the time, even if you don't plan on saving. That being said, you should probably save often too, because nothing beats losing hard-earned progress.


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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII: Tips and tricks for beginners | digital trends (1)

Use side missions as an indirect difficulty controller

Crisis Core isn't an overwhelmingly frustrating game, regardless of whether you choose Normal or Hard difficulty to begin with, but it definitely presents quite a challenge throughout its 30+ hour runtime too rough (or you just want an easier experience), you can always take on the myriad of optional missions to level up and earn powerful gear. These short and sweet adventures can be started as early as Chapter 2, and by completing all available missions in the early hours of the game, you can become as overwhelmed as you like. Of course, you can also skip many of them to make the game harder if you prefer.

Don't let DMW buffs go to waste

See, it's totally fine if you don't fully understand the DMW system, but that doesn't mean you can't benefit from the obvious buffs it grants you. Make sure you don't let these moments pass you by, because being invulnerable for a short time lets you bash enemies with no effect, while an unlimited MP buff lets you spam powerful spells or heal yourself for free. There are many other useful buffs you can gain from the DMW. So stay tuned so you don't miss valuable opportunities to cut fights short.

Stick to enemies' backs to deal the most damage

You'll unleash a barrage of magic and melee attacks against your enemies, but you'll make the most of it by hitting them on the back. This will give you critical hits, which can drastically reduce the time it takes to drop the enemy. Granted, you can't always stick to your opponents' backs in combat, but rolling behind them when you can to whine away is still preferable to a frontal attack.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII: Tips and tricks for beginners | digital trends (2)

Use magic consistently

Melee attacks in Crisis Core can be very powerful - especially AP-based attacks - but this is where the magic really shines. You'll find magic hits pretty darn hard while still being able to keep your distance between you and your attackers, giving you plenty of room to heal or buff with other spells and reconsider your next moves. Make sure you level up the Materia that you feel best suits your playstyle, and keep hurling those spells like a maniac.

Stick to the edges of the levels to avoid unwanted battles

Enemies will attack you as you progress through the levels when you reach certain points on the map. You can avoid many of these fights by hugging the level's outer wall, allowing you to focus on exploration. That being said, skipping too many fights could leave you underleveled for upcoming boss encounters. We therefore recommend not using this option all the time.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII: Tips and tricks for beginners | digital trends (3)

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The best deals on PS5 games: Elden Ring, NBA 2K23, Sonic Frontiers and more


Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII: Tips and tricks for beginners | digital trends (4)

VonAaron Mamiit

February 7, 2023

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII: Tips and tricks for beginners | digital trends (5)

There is no shortage of PlayStation 5 game discounts among retailers, with some of the deals featuring the best PS5 games. It might seem like a daunting task to narrow down your choices for your next PS5 game purchase, but we're here to help. We've rounded up some of the best deals on PS5 games and if you see an offer you like you need to hit the buy now button right away as some of these discounts don't last long.
The best deals on PS5 games
Back 4 Blood – 20 $, war 24 $

If you can't get enough of surviving against hordes of zombies, try Back 4 Blood. Instead of fighting alone, fight in a group of four in this spiritual sequel to the Left 4 Dead series. You can play with three friends online or with a team of AI-controlled characters in this co-op survival shooter's campaign mode, in which you'll take on increasingly challenging missions. In multiplayer mode, you have the opportunity to play as the undead Ridden, who are equipped with unique abilities. You'll also enjoy extreme replayability thanks to the game's card system. This ensures a different experience every time you start a game.

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The best weapons in Dead Space

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII: Tips and tricks for beginners | digital trends (6)

VonBilly Givens

31 January 2023

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII: Tips and tricks for beginners | digital trends (7)

If there's one thing Dead Space is best known for, it's its unique array of mining tools and weapons for dismembering the disgusting mutant corpses that roam the USG Ishimura. Thankfully, the team at EA Motive has only enhanced this experience in their remake of the popular survival horror title, implementing a dose of updates to protagonist Isaac Clarke's makeshift weapons, ensuring even returning players will want to rethink their favorite gear. Read on to see what we think are the best weapons in Dead Space and where to focus your upgrades.
Equip these weapons
These four weapons tend to be useful in a variety of scenarios and are worth keeping equipped in one weapon slot throughout the game.
The Plasma Cannon is the first weapon you'll encounter in the game, and in many ways it's also the best. While some other weapons are better at certain things - notably crowd control or brute force - the plasma cannon's fast fire rate and ability to rotate its beam help make it an immensely powerful all-rounder that's ideal suitable for dismembering necromorphs. As you level up this weapon, focus on hitting nodes, which increase your damage and capacity so you're less likely to hit hard when reloading.

pulse rifle
The Pulse Rifle is another weapon found fairly early on, and it might seem like a weak option compared to the Plasma Cannon at first, but it can be quite the beast once you've invested in some upgrades. Perhaps the most exciting thing about this automatic weapon, however, is its secondary fire, which can unleash a proximity mine, allowing you to set up some sneaky traps for those nasty necromorphs. Your upgrades for this one should focus on moving straight up the track so you can throw a knot in the Kinect Autoloader (SP1) and greatly increase your rate of fire.
contact beam
The Contact Beam can be found in the first few hours and is the strongest weapon in the game in terms of raw damage output, but it doesn't do much for you in terms of dismemberment. Use it against enemies you just have to quickly blast down with its overwhelming beam, then use its secondary fire (a powerful laser shot) to pummel bosses. In terms of upgrades, just prioritize capacity so you can use it for longer - just remember that you'll burn up the ammo quickly and buying it from the store can get expensive.
line pistol
The Line Cannon is somewhat similar to the Plasma Cannon but focuses much more on crowd control due to its wide attack. It will quickly take down the legs of a pack of Standard Necromorphs, or take out all three missile-firing tentacles of a Lurker in one shot. So once you have this weapon, you should always have it with you. Since it's needed for dealing with groups of enemies, prioritize the upgrade path that gives it extra capacity and damage.
Save those guns
These three weapons have situational utility and can be fun, but they just aren't as versatile as the options above. You're probably better off keeping them in your storage and only taking them out on rare occasions, if at all.

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MLB The Show 23 returns this March on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII: Tips and tricks for beginners | digital trends (8)

VonThomas Franzese

30 January 2023

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII: Tips and tricks for beginners | digital trends (9)

Sony San Diego Studios today announced MLB The Show 23, confirming it will be released on March 28th on all major PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo systems.
No new platforms were added this year, so PC gamers aren't getting in on the fun. Still, this announcement makes it clear that MLB The Show will be a multiplatform series across PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo platforms for the foreseeable future. The Xbox version of the trailer also confirms that MLB The Show 23 will be on Xbox Game Pass at launch, making this first-party Sony series a day-one Game Pass title for three straight years.
MLB The Show 23 - Cover Athlete Reveal
As is usual with sports games, MLB The Show 23's reveal mostly focused on its cover athlete. We've learned that Jazz Chisholm Jr., a second baseman for the Miami Marlins, will grace the cover of the game. Like last year, the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions of the game will cost $60, while PS5 and Xbox Series X/S players without Xbox Game Pass will have to pay $70. No new gameplay features have been teased yet, although a blog post confirms that cross-platform multiplayer, saves, and progression will return in all versions of the game this year.
So far there's not much that seems really new about MLB The Show 23, but this reveal completes the birth of a new era for the long-running baseball series. MLB The Show 23 will be released on March 28th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

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