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Brelshaza Gate 2 has an item level requirement of 1490. The battle is split between 2 bosses, Prokel and Prokel's Head. One player separates from the main attack and goes to a special room to fight Prokel while 7 other players stay outside and fight Prokel's head. Prokel's head has 80 HP bars while Prokel has 160 HP bars.

Similar to Kakul-Saydon Gate 3 Mario mechanics, Prokel lets you practice 1v1 battles, which is very important to get used to his attacks.

The whole fight has a lot of outside-inside interactions and the Prokel's head never dies, it respawns indefinitely until Prokel is dead.

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Full video guide

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Recommended battle items

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Normal mode rewards

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cheat sheet

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Unique mechanics


What happens

Before the fight begins, interact with a winged orb to summon Prokel's head.

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What to do

Prokel's head has a purple stagger bar under HP that must be depleted, causing the head to stagger. After recovering from the stagger, the head begins throwing a yellow string at a random player. At the end of the casting, that player will be teleported into a 1v1 battle against Prokel. Give the raid leader to the player going inside, as using stars inside is more important.


  • During the Prokel's fight, some attacks give the player debuff stacks, the more stacks you get the more damage you take.
  • To remove it you must exit Prokel's room, to do that players outside must kill Prokel's head to summon a portal into Prokel's room at 12 o'clock position for you to exit.
  • Killing Prokel's head also staggers Prokel's body, giving Prokel's body an additional 10% damage bonus and allowing the solo player to deal free damage in a small window.
  • It's recommended to reset your stacks after you reach 6-7 stacks, but remember you can only do this 3 times.

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There will be regular mobs outside all the time for players to kill. Killing red normal monsters increases the stacks on Prokel's head.

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When you reach 25 stacks, Prokel's head will be knocked down and aethergranting invincibility for 10 seconds appears for a player fighting Prokel.

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Each normal monster spawn increases the Magic Control Buff. When this buff reaches 30 stacks, it is immediately cleared.

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The Knight of Dreams

What happens

Right afterx45 mechanicThe Knight of Dreams appears in a random location.

What to do

Everyone must focus all damage on the knight and kill him as quickly as possible. While the knight is alive, he gives Prokel permanent stealth and a debuff to the player fighting him. If the knight stays alive for too long, while stealthy, Prokel will begin performing a powerful attack that can kill the player fighting him.

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During the fight with Prokel's head, elite monsters periodically spawn in random locations. Look at the mini-map to find and kill the elite monster quickly, as failing will start its special attack.

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Dream Summoner - White Monster

A few seconds after spawning, the monster begins aStaffelcheck. You need to stagger and kill the monster quickly, as failure will charm the entire raid, meaning everyone will start attacking each other with no control. Use CC bombs and skills to remove the charm.

Illusionist Caster - Black Monster

After spawning, the monster will start throwing illusion circles that imprison anyone who stands on them. Kill it as soon as possible.

Eye of Dreams - Eye Monster

After spawning, the elite monster will tag a random player with it2 crossed swords. This is the only player who can kill the elite monster. When a support gets the mark, it's almost impossible to kill, but after a few seconds the mark will transfer to another player. The Elite Monster will also slowly perform a Medusa AOE attack, requiring everyone inside to turn away from it or they will be petrified.

key mechanic

x135 - Orange bullets

What happens

When Prokel reaches 130 HP bars, the head teleports to the center and summons 3 purple diamond cards at 11, 1, and 6 o'clock, which can also be spotted using the mini-map. These diamond cards shoot out small purple orbs that deal damage and stagger players. At the same time, Prokel's head throws 3 orange balls.

What to do

Three pre-assigned players must take each orange ball and start moving together, first towards 6 o'clock, then towards 11 and then at 1 o'clock finish diamond cards. When all 3 players stand together at the diamond card, it is destroyed.


  • If the same player takes 2 orbs, he will die instantly
  • If a player with Orange Orb buff is hit twice by a small purple flying orb, they will lose the buff
  • When a buff is lost, another orange orb will be shot by one of the purple orbs
  • A player cannot destroy the sphere, all 3 players must be together
  • Collecting orange orbs will periodically spawn purple puddles that deal a lot of damage. Keep moving and don't stay in one place.

x110 - Safe spots

What happens

When Prokel reaches 110 HP bars, the head will teleport to the center and tag 2 random players with itblue markorRed mark. At the same time, the head starts shooting purple balls.

What to do

If you are one of the 2 marked players, dodge the purple orbs and position yourself at 6 o'clock next to each other without overlapping, otherwise those 2 marks will be erased.

After the head stops shooting purple orbs, there will be either a red or blue safe dot under your position. At the same time, all other unmarked players must be hitSAMEpurple ball. This will give you either a blue or red flag, meaning you have to stand near either a red or blue flagged player who will drop a safe zone after a few seconds. Getting hit twice will kill you. Getting hit as the initially tagged player will also kill you.

x80 - Stagger + Laser

What happens

When Prokel reaches 80 HP bars, the head will teleport to the center and launch a stagger check while performing pizza AOE attacks, followed by spawning 4 different orbs, also featured on the minimap.

What to do

Stagger the boss first and after staggering, 1 player will be tagged with a target above their head while 4 different orbs will spawn:

  • Small purple orb requires damage
  • Small purple ball with baton requires staggering
  • Big blue ball with white outline requires multiple hits
  • Small Black Orb Aiming Up requires the highlighted player to destroy it by standing between the boss and the orb. After the target above your head has disappeared, quickly press the spacebar as the head will fire a laser that destroys the orb.


  • If you don't dodge the laser, you will be killed
  • If you miss the laser, the raid will be deleted
  • Keeping every bullet alive after the laser clears the entire raid

This mechanic can be skipped entirely by usingBalthorrat the relay check.

x45 - Dimensionskugeln

What happens

When Prokel reaches 45 HP bars, the head teleports to the center, summons 4 red orbs at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock, and rolls dice at the same positions. The orbs have a circle mark at the top that indicates how many players can go into the orb to survive the wipe attack. There may be balls with 1, 2, and 3 markings, each indicating how many players they can hold. 2 red balls have 1 mark, 1 ball has 2 marks and 1 ball has 3 marks, giving a total of 7 safe spots for 7 outside players.

What to do

Each one spreads out and covers each of the positions.Destroy the red orb shieldat your position and enter. When your sphere has 3 marks, you need to ping it and let others know where the remaining safe spots are. After the first 4 players enter, 1 ball has 1 free space and 1 ball has 2 free spaces for the remaining 3 players.

Prokel's body attacks


Prokel is a 1v1 160 HP bar battle. You can practice the battle beforehand similar to Kakul Saydon Gate 3 Mario Mechanic.

  • From 160-120 and from 80-40 HP bars, Prokel has Super Armor and is immune to any form of CC.
  • From 120-80 HP and from 40-0 HP bars, Prokel loses Super Armor and can be CC'ed with abilities and bombs that can disrupt his attacks and mechanics.

Players fighting Prokel should always have a raid leader who will use sidereal abilities when needed.


What happens

Prokel summons Knight of Dream Elite monsters for the raid outside at x45 bars, giving him stealth and reducing visibility for the player inside. During this time, Prokel will continue to use all of his attacks and will be difficult to see.

What to do

The player inside fighting Prokel must call the team outside for a quick killthe knight of dreams. If the raid outside takes too long to kill the knight, Prokel will perform a very high damage attack that would be requiredSiderischer BalthorSurvive. During this time, you can see Prokel's shadow while he's attacking, meaning you can CC him with abilities or bombs.

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Red paralyzing sting

Prokel clones himself multiple times and begins aiming his sword everywhere. 2 seconds later all clones rush forward. If you get hit by the red beam you will be imprisoned and 2 seconds later Prokel will charge up a screen split attack that can kill you instantly.

Dodge the red beam or use the time stop if you are unsure about dodging.

Successful dodge

Evade failed

Instant kill spear attack

Prokel slams forward 3 times and throws Blue Ray ending with a massive AOE shooting most DPS Class 1. This pattern only occurs during the time Prokel doesn't have Super Armor.

You must CC Prokel after 3 blows with skills or bombs to dodge AOE attacks.

Successful dodge

Evade failed

lightning sword attack

Prokel leans forward and gathers energy in his sword, 1 second later he charges forward and deals AoE damage in the direction of his sword. Look closely at the sword position. If it's on the left, it means the damage is on the left and vice versa.

Just move to the other side of his sword to dodge AOE attacks. He can sprint multiple times.

Channeling the blue energy

Prokel levitates and launches a blue AOE Freeze attack. It does no damage but freezes a player for a few seconds.

Count 3 seconds, then use the spacebar to gain immunity for a split second. You must time the spacebar correctly to avoid freezing. Or use the Awakening skill or any other skill with super armor and freeze immunity.

Channeling the yellow energy

Prokel raises his hands and begins collecting yellow energy that heals him. It's a similar animation to Freeze Attack, but yellow. Prokel heals for x5 HP bars (approx. 80M HP). This pattern usually occurs when Prokel's HP is less than half.

Use all available stagger abilities to stop Prokel from healing himself.


Prokel performs a red chain attack that deals a lot of damage and applies a bleed effect.

Just get off the chains before they hit you.


Prokel levitates and begins throwing red pizza slice-shaped lasers that deal massive damage.

Dodge by moving to the empty spot, it happens 3 times so be prepared.

ground hit

Prokel slams his sword 2 or 3 times on the ground towards the player.

Dodge by moving around Prokel. Don't move in a straight line as the range of the attack is very long.


Prokel leans forward and aims the spear at a player. 1 second later, he teleports to the player's back and stabs a player holding him up with his spear, smashing him left and right to the ground, dealing a lot of damage.

Spacebar right after teleporting to dodge when impaled.

Spear attack at a distance

Prokel leans forward and aims the spear at a player. He starts throwing his spear at the player 4 times. It deals a lot of damage.

Avoid it by moving.

Aim and throw spear

Prokel leans forward and aims the spear at a player, targeting them with multiple blue spear beams that can deal a lot of damage.

Just move away from the spear beam.

270 degree ground crushing

Prokel performs a basic Forward Strike 2 times, summoning spinning chains across the battlefield. He then performs a forward AOE attack that knocks the player up and deals a lot of damage.

Dodge the initial slash first, then dodge the spinning chains while running to his back before the final AOE attack.

counter pattern

forward counter

Prokel turns blue and punches forward.

slash combo

Prokel turns blue and smacks forward if not countered; He will continue to punch forward and combine until he stands on his spear and jumps onto the player, stunning him.


Prokel teleports and ambushes a player from behind 2 times with his daggers, causing darkness for 10 seconds. The third ambush is counterable, if you fail the counter it will stun you.

Prokel's head attacks

Purple puddles

The head applies a debuff to all players. After 4 seconds, the puddle will fall on the position where the player is standing.

Go to the outer edge of the arena and drop the puddles away from the center.


The head will either do a breath attack in front of it or a laser attack in front of it. Both of these patterns drain the player's mana when hit.

Just dodge to the side and don't stand in front of him.


The head will begin bombarding areas where players are standing.

Keep moving to avoid getting hit and stay away from your teammates.

To jump

The head will either bounce and bounce back in the same spot or spin for a few seconds.

Get away before he lands and run away from the spin.


The head goes to the center and begins to levitate while simultaneously summoning multiple purple waves.

There is a safe zone between each wave, so just position yourself there and wait for the waves to pass.

Sidereal Use


During the Legion raid on Brelshaza Gate 2, you will have the help of the following 3 sidereals

Brelshaza Gate 2 Guide for Lost Ark – Mobalytics (22)

Thirain (Ctrl+Z): Deals the most damage and destruction.

Azena (Ctrl+X): Deals AoE damage across the battlefield.

Balthorr (Strg+C): Creates an AOE on the ground and grants everyone inside a Defense Buff that lasts 30 seconds. This buff can prevent certain wipe mechanics.

Optimal use

Recommended sidereal use:

Thiraincan be used on Prokel during his PvP mode after throwing a sleep bomb at him or killing the away team's head.

Azenacan be used on Prokel at any time as it aims automatically.


  • Can be used on the Prokel's head during the x80 stagger check mechanic to survive the wipe if the stagger fails.
  • Can be used at x40 on Prokel if it took your team longer to kill the Knight of Dreams to avoid taking high damage from the loading mechanic while in stealth.


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