20 Traits of a Good Teacher: Improve your teaching skills (2023)

Are you a teacher who constantly doubts your abilities? Are you facing problems with the sudden switch to online teaching? Find out how to teach online? Worry no more, our blogs are here to help you. Today we're going to look at 20 qualities of a good teacher and what it means to be a good teacher. Meanwhile, you can also check oursBlog about teaching skillsto help you better understand this blog.

Without further ado, let's look at the importance of being a good teacher.

The importance of being a good teacher

It is said that a teacher influences eternity. You never know where the influence will stop.

  • Teachers play a crucial role in shaping the future generation. You are dealing with young children who are full of life and energy.
  • Teachers nurture natural abilities and skills and prepare children for the future. As a teacher, you must set an example and inspire your students.
  • Different students may come from different backgrounds, and as their teacher, you have the power to uplift them and make a difference. Teachers change lives and that is why teaching is one of the most important professions in the world.

What are the important qualities that distinguish a teacher? Let's take a look at 20 qualities of a good teacher:

Teaching is a difficult job. We have discussed them in detailimportant teaching skillsrequired for a teacher. There are certain personality traits and qualities that every student looks forward to in a teacher. Do you remember how you were as a student? who was your favorite teacher I'm sure no one came in with sticks and stones. While scaring students might make them want to get their work done, being tough won't do them any good in the long run. Get inspired by teachers you look up to and never stop learning and growing. If you feel like you don't have some of the qualities listed below, don't worry. That doesn't make you any less a good teacher. You can always try to incorporate new things into your classroom and life.

What are the most important qualities of a good teacher?

1. Empathy

One of the most important good qualities in a teacher is empathy. Let's understand this quality with an example.

Imagine you are in your classroom and there is a student who is consistently doing poorly on his exams. You advised them to study and yet they keep getting bad grades. Now it's natural to get angry because the child isn't performing well despite your best efforts. However, they do not know what is going on inside them and what conditions they are going through. What if the child has problems with their family or if they have a learning disability? As a teacher, you need to put yourself in their shoes and think like your student. That's empathy. You must understand the student and be available.

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2. Creativity

20 Traits of a Good Teacher: Improve your teaching skills (1)

Do you remember how you used to be as a student? Did you enjoy the lesson or were you bored during the lesson? As a teacher, you have to make sure that your students don't get bored. It is common for students to lose interest and attention. How do you make sure they're listening to you? The answer is simple, be creative! One of the most important qualities of an ideal teacher is creativity. By being creative, you can make your lessons interesting. You can use the help of variousonline teachingTools to bring the classroom to life. As more and more people switch to online teaching and learning, the need for creativity in the classroom is becoming more important.

3. Communication

While we're talking about the good qualities of a teacher, communication skills must not be missing. When it comes to communication, many things can go wrong. It is said that the biggest problem with communication is the misunderstanding that it took place. Put simply, as a teacher, you may think you communicate well. However, there are a few points to consider:

  • Always ask for feedback and ask your students if they understand
  • Create a platform for open communication
  • Speak in their native language and ensure your students that the classroom is a safe place

When the teacher takes on a strict and tough role, and communication becomes one-way, not much study is required. Neither for the student nor for the teacher.

Communication does not always have to be verbal, the teacher must absorb non-verbal cues, and this is where a teacher's true qualities are tested. It is important that teachers have strong verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

4. Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills and communication skills are closely related. How well you communicate with your students and their parents determines the nature of your connection with them. Interpersonal communication is important to build strong interpersonal relationships. As mentioned above, a teacher must aim for the holistic development of a student. For example, it's not just their education that counts. It's their demeanor, their manners, their attitude and many more aspects. To ensure students achieve this, the teacher must have strong interpersonal skills. So that they can connect with their students and solve their problems, if any.

5. Positivism

Students often felt depressed and down. When a teacher has the quality of always being positive, they can help students in many ways. A positive attitude and relationship between students and teachers is the most important thing to ensure effective learning.

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6. Fairness

A teacher must treat all her students equally. Fairness is one of the most important characteristics of successful teachers. When a teacher is fair, they earn respect and students feel safe and valued in the classroom. Creating a fair teaching environment encourages trust and respect between students and it is a great quality to teach your students.

7. Humorous

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Although most people don't consider humor a quality, it is one of the most important Characteristics of an ideal teacher. When the classroom gets boring, who doesn't like a good laugh and a few jokes? Teachers who are humorous and funny have the ability to easily connect with students and create a happy environment. By humor we don't just mean cracking jokes, enjoying jokes and little mischievous activities by students are also part of it.

8. Consistent

Consistency helps teachers and students alike. It helps teachers feel more organized. Being organized and well planned eliminates tension and stress. By consistency we mean having a routine and a system. When there is a proper routine, respect from students and parents increases.

9. Reward

A little pat on the back can go a long way. Teachers need to be rewarding and recognize their students' efforts. When teachers say "well done," "nice job," etc. and reward students with a good word of encouragement, it motivates them to do better and makes them better teachers. So when the question arises what are the most important qualities of a good teacher, this quality must not be missing.

10. Reliable

A reliable teacher is someone who is dedicated to their work and is trustworthy. Reliability is one of the best qualities in a teacher. Reliable teachers know how to make correct decisions and assessments. Since a student's future lies with the teacher, it is important that students learn under reliable teachers and that teachers cultivate the quality of reliability in their students.

11. Passionate

Passion is something every teacher should have. Teaching is not an easy job. There are many problems that teachers face in their daily lives. From low student engagement to less interactivity, there are many problems. Now, with online classes and live classes, teachers face even bigger problems. Passion is the key quality that helps teachers overcome any problem they face. With passion and the right online teaching platform, teachers can be successful.Teachmintis one such platform for passionate teachers. This simple and secure online teaching app allows teachers to participate in live classes with real-time student-teacher interaction.Download the app here.

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12. Motivating

Low motivation to learn and learn is one of the main concerns of every parent, teacher and student around the world. Teachers can make a huge contribution to motivating their students. As mentioned above, a little pat on the back can go a long way. Prompt feed, critical appreciation, group work, etc. are some of the methods teachers can use to motivate their students. When a teacher naturally motivates as they challenge their students to do more and push them to perform at their best, the results are amazing.

13. Active listening

It is not uncommon for students to want someone to listen to them. You can only be a great teacher if you understand what your students need, and to understand what they want you need to listen. Active listening is one of the most important qualities of an ideal teacher.

14. Grooming

A caring teacher fosters a healthy classroom. There is enough space for opinions, feedback and mistakes. Students often need someone to talk to them about their problems and mistakes. When teachers get hard on them, there is a chance that students will show themselves off. When a teacher is caring, students feel safe, which increases respect between students and the teacher. When students have behavioral or social disabilities, a caring teacher can help them greatly.

15. Honesty

Students look up to their teachers, and honesty is one of the most important qualities students need. Honesty with your work, with your students and colleagues is extremely important. Honesty is often a package, it goes hand in hand with qualities such as a sense of responsibility, courage and reliability.

16. Punctuality

20 Traits of a Good Teacher: Improve your teaching skills (3)

Being on time and sticking to schedules and class schedules are among the most needed qualities of an ideal teacher. Students learn from you, and to give them a sense of punctuality, you must live by it. This quality reflects your responsibility and commitment to your profession.

17. Willingness to learn

Teaching and learning go hand in hand. A good teacher never stops learning. As the education sector changes daily, teachers need to learn and upskill. For example, when classes go online, teachers need to learn about live classes and online classes. Although with an easy-to-useOnline teaching applike Teachmint, it is easy for teachers to take live lessons, teachers should always be willing to learn new things.

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18. Organizational talent

This quality helps teachers stay on time and disciplined. Organization and planning are extremely important qualities of a good teacher. Imagine putting all the keys in a box without labeling them. Your house keys, locker keys, car and bike keys, all in one big box. If you were in a hurry and looking for your keys, imagine how much time you would spend trying to find the keys. If they were labeled and kept separate instead, it would have been easier for you. The same applies to your teaching activities. Being organized and planned will help you be on time and finish your class. This is an inevitable quality of teaching.

19. Ethics

Ethics is a standard set of values ​​and beliefs that teachers should follow. It is important that teachers have good ethics. Ethics tells us what is right and wrong and keeps us from doing things that are wrong. It is against a teacher's ethics to be unfair to students and to show bias towards students.

20. Dignity

Respect for humanity is paramount. Since learning begins with the teachers, it is very important that teachers respect everyone regardless of gender, status, caste and creed. There is no room for judgment and bias. This is one of the characteristics of teaching that distinguishes teachers.


Good principles and qualities are essential to effective teaching. As teaching is redefined day by day, it is important for them to keep their qualities.If you're a teacher, you know how difficult it is to take lessons. The above qualities help teachers meet these challenges. Good teaching is based on qualities and values. As mentioned, if you don't have any of these traits, don't worry, you can memorize them.

If you are trying to start online classes and looking for a good online teaching app,Teachmintis the best app. This one-stop solution lets you manage live classes, real-time student-teacher interaction, automated attendance marking, and more.Download the app now.


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