10 signs you have a great personality that everyone secretly admires (2023)

Have you ever noticed that people behave differently around you? Like they just aren't themselves?

It's not because they don't like you. But on the contrary.

You see, your personality is so great and unique that they don't know how to deal with you.

Most of us deal with people we can reach out to instantly—people we can put in a “box.”

Butyou are unique. You know who you are and what you want in this world. Some call it authenticity. Others call it depth.

But the truth is, everyone wants to be like you. Staytrue to himselfis one of the most liberating ways to live.

I mean, who doesn't want to be freed from the confining chains of society's stereotypes?

So if you find that the people around you don't know how to act, you can identify with these ten signs of people with a great and unique personality (that everyone secretly admires):

1) Your life is not fear driven

10 signs you have a great personality that everyone secretly admires (1)

We all experience fear. For some people, it destroys their ability to try new things and experience life to the full.

But you are unique. For you, fear is just another emotion you've learned to accept. You know you'll get scared if you try something new.

But you also know that growth only happens when you step out of your comfort zone.

The bottom line is this:

fearwill never stop you. You know it's your greatest stepping stone to transcending your current self. It's calledresilience.

2) You don't waste your time gossiping

10 signs you have a great personality that everyone secretly admires (2)

We've all met the person who makes a living from gossip about others. It's like they get a thrill when they complain.

But you find it toxic.

There is far too much you want to experience in this world to focus on insignificant issues such as: B. who is dating whom and which people you find annoying.

you would rather havedeep conversations.

You only get one life, so why not talk about the magnificence of the universe and of life itself?

3) You love listening to and learning about others

10 signs you have a great personality that everyone secretly admires (3)

Learning is what gets your juices flowing. And when you learn about someone else, you feel like you're entering a whole new, beautiful, and complex world.

This makes you an amazing conversationalist because the other person feels like they are the only person on the planet at that time.

This immediately puts others at ease and makes them feel comfortable.

You know that too many egos drive the conversations. But when you are in a conversation, egos are checked at the door.

4) You are careful who you let into your life

10 signs you have a great personality that everyone secretly admires (4)

You will not rely on others to tell you who you are, what you are, and what you can do.

You know exactly what is important and who is important in your life.

Ifsomeone will give condescending advice, you just won't have it.

For you, life is better with optimistic and positive people who push each other to bring out the best in themselves.

5) They cannot endure insensitivity, idiocy or ignorance

10 signs you have a great personality that everyone secretly admires (5)

You are very proud of your autodidactic knowledge.

So when people immediately make judgments about people and things they know nothing about, it galls you to the core.

You've put time into your brain and encourage others to do the same.

In a world of Google and algorithmic newsfeeds over which you have no control, you know that thinking for yourself is one of the most important qualities you can have.

6) You don't need attention

10 signs you have a great personality that everyone secretly admires (6)

Craving attention because of your looks or status is something you just can't understand.

They know it's superficial, fleeting, and ultimately meaningless.

You would rather be recognized for your complexity and depth. So take the time to get to know someone. They know there is so much more to a person than meets the surface.

7) You take uncertainty as an opportunity

10 signs you have a great personality that everyone secretly admires (7)

You know you're not perfect. You know that nobody is.

The one thing you enjoy doing is learning and evolving despite the risk of looking like an idiot.

You know everyone is insecure. But you also know that not everyone needs that insecurity to stop them from living their lives and owning the things they are insecure about.

Sure, your depth andauthenticitycan be difficult for some people to be around, but that's only because they can't stereotype you.

The truth is,you are someone they secretly admireBecause you broke the handcuffs of society that doesn't want you to be all you can be.

You live your life the way you want and it is inspirational to anyone lucky enough to join you on your journey.

8) You can't stand small talk

For you, small talk is boring, superficial and meaningful. Because of this, you find it difficult to pay attention when someone is trying to make small talk with you.

"How bad is the weather at the moment?" Please! You have deeper things on your mind.

They want to know what someone's purpose in life is. What drives you. What do you think when you look up at the night sky?

The problem is that a lot of people love small talk. They live on it. They get involved as much as they can while going about their day.

So when they meet you, they know you're different. You may come off as a little rude or superior. But it's not your fault. You really want to know someone for who they are. You certainly don't care if someone's day was "good."

That is why your personality is profound and unique.

9) For you, beauty is much more than just skin deep

We all know what society's standard of beauty is - thin, beautiful, bright eyes. But looks mean nothing to you.

After all, your appearance says nothing about your experiences, your past, your deepest thoughts, and your purpose in life.

In your eyes looks are meaningless and you are deeply annoyed that in this capitalistic and materialistic society so much value is placed on people's looks.

Do you know what real beauty is for you? A soul. A soul that has been through challenges, tribulations and suffering and yet is still here to tell the story. This is real beauty.

10) You love to learn and expand your mind

Let's face it: most people hate learning. It's a mental effort, it's annoying, and they'd much rather watch TV and let their minds melt.

But for you, learning is what gives you energy. You love to broaden your mind with facts, wisdom and experiences from people who have truly been through all of life's ups and downs.

Watch Netflix? No, you'd rather read a bookConfuciusorBuddhaabout what it means to live a purposeful life.

The problem is that most people are not like you. They are not interested in intellectual subjects, preferring to focus on banalities.

That's why most people have trouble getting you. But fear not, when you meet someone who is just like you and loves to broaden their horizons, the connection between you two will spark like a bolt of lightning that neither of you are prepared for.

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10 signs you have a great personality that everyone secretly admires (11)

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